Don' complain lah. Let's all work tog on this Wuhan virus

*On Masks*
People not happy because OOS everywhere, so Ah Gong released a lot from the stockpile for every household.

Yet our people still cannot be satisfied. Ask why only 4 per house. Did they not think that by giving every house 4 masks, the stockpile is going to be botak, and the frontline healthcare workers, your chemo patients, the people who need it the most, may risk going down to their last mask or even having none? Even Taobao is dry of stocks, go where and buy while China and every country is rushing to buy them up?

Give free, soldiers pack, ask pple go RC collect Then ask “Why you cannot singpost send to my house?”, next you be asking for Smartpac or courier is it?

And then some ask “why only give masks? Can also give sanitizers and wet wipes and disinfectants and thermometers?” Ask yourself why your house no thermometer, no dettol la! Means you actually don’t care about hygiene much. Even when there’s H7N9, Influenza A, salmonella… and whatever Simi-nella. Now “Wuhan virus”, all suddenly become OCD. Mai geh geh leh! And no community spread you know?

*On $100 reimbursement for those given Quarantine Order*

Someone ask “why must pay employers? Should give the employee mah!”

Some cockster never read properly, said we will pay the tourists who come here and kena QO $100 a day. Hello, easier to earn than standing at Geylang hor? You think Ah Gong stupid is it?? Why we pay the tourist for bringing the virus here?!?!?!

Sad to say, we have so little class. Japan sent a plane to “rescue”their citizens from Wuhan. Did you know they also sent medical supplies on that plane? Masks and stuff!

Meantime, Singaporeans angry because a bunch of PRC students studying here camped outside a warehouse, bought masks to send back to Hubei so that that more can be saved. I feel them. Watching your family and friends just wait in the epicentre. Waiting to die. Fair mah… you queue, I also queue. Who ever bought it gets to do whatever they want with it. But no, must complain coz Singapore mask for sinkies only.

We are all humans, your life and mine, all same price tag with our maker. Singaporeans or PRC or foreigners, can we view it as a human thing to do to help each other? The “us vs them” thing keeps coming up as our perfect excuse to find someone to blame.

Fighting a crisis requires a nation of people with guts and gumption. Do we have them? Looks like a long road ahead if we want to change the mindset of our ComplaiNation.