POFMA appeal – Dr Chee and SDP publicity stunt

SDP deliberately manipulated the labour statistics to capitalise on the economic uncertainty and the public anxiety over jobs by seeding negative sentiments against foreigners and the government.  

In court, the SDP could not provide any data to show the decline of local PMET employment and rising local PMET unemployment. All these figures are available online and at no point at all does it support their misleading statements

Instead of using the opportunity to produce data to back up their claims, they instead focused on making an appeal to have their case heard in open court.

They claimed this is important as it is a fight for “justice and fairness”, “for democracy and transparency”.

But what they actually wanted was the publicity and attention for Dr Chee. That was their whole game plan all along.

In court, they did not try to explain to the judge why unemployment for local PMETs were going up, neither did they try to explain why their interpretation of the public data is correct.

Once they captured the media’s attention as the first POFMA appeal case, they immediately went to attack the Minister and the Government over their seemingly lack of transparency, even though all the data have always been publically available online through the Labour Force Survey, MOM.

Like what we pointed out earlier, *this is actually all a publicity gimmick for Dr Chee*. Why else do you think he made the defence himself and not through a lawyer? And now that the media have reported both sides of the story, Dr Chee is thinking of engaging a lawyer? Come on, get real.

This was a clear attempt by the SDP to jump Dr Chee’s publicity in the lead up to elections, hoping to start a wave of negative emotions against the government, and riding on it at the polling booths, hopefully into Parliament.

This is classic SDP politicking 101