Discussion: Could the GRAB incentive structure be the main reason why PMDs speed in the first place?

Much have been said and discussed about the recent PMD Ban on footpaths. Food delivery riders claimed that they were the victims, unjustly targeted because of a draconian ban which took away their livelihood overnight. They put the blame on the government. They said that the government is uncaring, selfish and elitist, deaf to the cries of these lower income people.

We would like to give a different perspective to their claims

Two points.

1 – Why is it the government fault for trying to keep the larger community safe. Ensuring the safety of pedestrians, commuters and all users of Singapore’s land transport system is the LTA’s top priority. No matter the path policymakers had chosen, there will be trade offs and challenges. Why is the government at fault for trying to do its job.

2 – How come no one finger pointed GRAB, as the main source of this problem. Did you notice that most of the group who complained to their MPs were in their GRAB uniforms?

Their food delivery service is brilliant, but surely they should also take responsibility for their incentive structure which encourages their riders to speed to earn more from their number of deliveries and meet their trip quotas.

Even with the current ban in place, GRAB still put the pressure on their riders to deliver as much as they can to hit their trip targets and get their incentives.

They did this incentive thing with the GRAB drivers previously and they are doing it again with the food delivery riders. The more trips, the better. No matter how unreasonable or unsafe.

It is time for GRAB to take on more social responsibility and take care of Singaporeans safety instead of just being concerned about maximizing their profits and reducing all of us to mere digits.

#GRABcare or #GrabdontCare