Why do we give airtime to shit stirrers?

Malaysia’s MalayMail recently ran headlines on how Singapore’s Papa Rock, Ramli Sarip, was the target of “racist comments” for his heartfelt rendition of “Majulah Singapura”:


It did not go “down well with his fellow countrymen”, they said.

Ah? Really ah?

On the contrary, a quick check on Defence Minister Ng Eng Heng’s FB post (i.e. where I first saw the video) shows that has received over 10,000 likes and almost 7,000 shares with an overwhelming number of positive comments.


And this is just one source alone – I’ve not even included Mothership’s statistics.

“A more somber version”, you say? Do you even jiwang, bro? Idk man, how about using other adjectives like, heartfelt or soulful?

You know what all of this is? This is cherry-picking at its worst, and it drives us bananas.


I’m sorry – why are we giving airtime to shit stirrers? A man belts his heart out and you chose to headline them kucing kuraps instead of our dear Papa Rock? It’s akin to giving airtime on Taylor Swift’s next big celebrity feud when nobody really gives a flying fig.


As we all know, there will always be a range of pains in our asses. Just like how there will always be that aunty who could beat Usain Bolt at the Olympics when it comes to snagging a train seat, whilst she crushes our toes and egos with her Terrex-grade market trolley.

And then there’s Darksiedluv:


Wah so much effort ah, screenshot legal lines and all. But then legal interpretation wrong siol. At least you acknowledge you got no talent lah to appreciate renditions.


I’ve always held on to the belief that what you say about someone or something is a window to who you truly are.

So, sounds like a funeral, you say? Sorry not sorry you’re dead inside.

Sure, our country has its issues. Recent discussions on race and racism has put this topic to the fore. But it is unfortunate that Darksiedluv has chosen to drag our national anthem into this debate.

This anthem, so lovingly written by the late Encik Zubir Said, was a call for unity and Ramli Sarip’s rendition was a reminder to me on how despite our differences, we should always move forward and work out our issues together as a family. Which we all are – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, foreign workers even (shout-out to our Bangladeshi brethren who literally builds our roads and houses) – we’re part of this family, bonded by this island called Singapore.

There’s a saying in the Malay language, “gigi dengan lidah ada kalanya terigigit juga”. Literally it means even the teeth would sometimes bite the tongue. Metaphorically, it means that no matter how close you are with someone, disagreements are bound to take place. And that, to me, is what this race debate is. A bite on the proverbial tongue that could – and should – be productively and emphatically discussed together.

Going back to the issue on Ramli Sarip’s rendition, I have two concluding points:

  1. Thanks but no thanks, MalayMail. Please work on your reporting skills and learn that cherry-picking data sources is such a weak angle to take.
  2. And to you, Darksiedluv, you’re the real embarrassment here. Happy hiding behind your computer screen, stanking up that tiny room of yours as you stir your daily shit.