Dr Tan Cheng Bock, why so secretive?

Today, Dr Tan Cheng Bock held a press conference for his new Progress Singapore Party. Excited max as we waited with baited breath, to see if our guess for the people who will fill the ranks in PSP is correct or not (side-bet ya?)

But well, kinda disappointed. In the end, this is the list. (That’s it??)


Firstly, he still kept it secretive who are the other candidates PSP is lining up for the upcoming GE. And of course, he also never reveal which SMCs or GRCs they are aiming (maybe scared that the election boundaries being re-drawn).

More sadly, is this all PSP has to offer? A team of grandpas alongside party-hoppers? I guess we were perhaps overly excited.

Dr Tan is a personality by himself, but how well a party can govern is not and cannot just be personality-driven.

The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was a huge personality, but more importantly he had people like Dr Toh Chin Chye, Dr Goh Keng Swee and Mr Rajaratnam to walk the talk with him. What exactly does PSP have to offer that can give Singaporeans that same confidence as the powerhouse team that LKY had put together back then?



The other thing that is bothersome is this: PSP wants to be voted into power and rule Singapore with a blank cheque. By not sharing what his proposals and plans are, he is essentially saying “vote me in first, then I tell you what’s my plan”.

Can or not? You tell me. Imagine a job applicant come to a job interview and say, “You give me the job and pay cheque first, then I tell you what I can do”. Cannot right? And this is the highest job in our land!

Also considering today’s climate – US-China trade wars, North Korea still unpredictable, Mahathir is still alive and kickin’ up north – can we really give Dr Tan our blind faith?

In the meantime, Dr Chee Soon Juan has a shadow cabinet and proposals (although some are rather out of this world), but at least he dares to say “this is my plan and I’m going to run my election campaign with this plan”. I give the guy credit for that.

And what’s up with the whole, “If Lee Hsien Yang” wants to join us, he listen to me. Must feel shiok that one of the royal Lees is gonna kowtow to him. And he tries to portray himself as a humble man with no ego. Hmmph.


So just to be sure we got it right – PSP is riding on Dr Tan’s popularity with the ground; they don’t have a plan (or maybe they do but we don’t know what it is); he’s filled half his CEC with people who jumped over from other parties after losing elections; and the only thing he daresay definitively is he don’t like POFMA and he don’t really have any love for foreigners. Oh and therefore “PSP can be the credible alternative to the PAP that the people is looking for”. Umm… okay.

Well Dr Tan, we hadour hopes up really high, so this is kind of like a “huhhh… that is all ah???” moment. Let’s hope PSP tries harder on 3rd August.