What a Terry-ble thing

Kumar has a point about TOC saying they may have to close down.


For a page that has consistently and vehemently voiced up against the employment of foreigners in Singapore for years, why has The Online Citizen hired nine foreigners to manage their page? In fact, the number of Singaporeans page managers is less than half!

image (1).png

When Kumar asked why, Terry Xu said “Why not? It’s cheaper.”


Looking at the thread, Kumar never did manage to find out what these nine foreigners are hired to do. “I don’t think I have to answer the part about what they do,” replied Terry.


I guess you could describe his responses as terry-ble, especially since TOC has also always asked for the Gahmen to be more transparent:


Indeed Terry, what is there to hide? Maybe you can start by being more transparent yourself. How can you regain the trust of the internet?

Well, here’s my question for Terry while he spins more Fairy Terry Tales: are you employing the foreigners because they are cheaper, or are you the one who is actually being employed by foreigners to do their bidding?

I mean, as it is, you are kicking up a fuss about declaring your revenue sources when the regulation is nothing new. Also, if the Gahmen is asking for you to list down the I/C numbers, it would mean that you can collect it lah sial. Your PDPA argument is weak.

But the thing is if you cannot get the I/C number, how do you know if the funding is from a true blue Singaporean or otherwise? Why did you choose to accept it then?

And if you cannot tell the funding source, might it just be possible that you are accepting foreign funding then? Orhorr.

My mother always taught me to never take sweets from strangers, because you never know what their intent is. Are you therefore blindly accepting money from strangers?

Or do you actually know something that you’re not telling us?

Are you hiding something, Terry?