Teachers recount their experiences being bullied by parents and students in school

If you think bullying in schools only happens to students, think again. We stumbled upon an article posted recently about bullied teachers in Australia (Channel News Asia), and this page (Cak Cak Kuti Educational Supplies & Programmes FB Page)  which subsequently did a quick poll on their Instagram, asking fellow teachers to share their experiences being bullied by parents or students in school. An overwhelming majority of teachers said that they have experienced bullying by parents or students and that 65% of the schools knows about it.

We realised that a quick google on bullying in Singapore often highlights cases involving students, we never really stopped to consider that teachers (from pre-school to tertiary teachers) could be victims too.


When we read the experiences, boy! , are we surprised (and shocked) by some of the stories that were shared. It really made us sit up to wonder the situation they are in and if more should be done to raise the awareness of such bullying cases. What the heck is the school doing also la dei?

Here are some of the compilation from their FB album. Some are quite hard to believe. Some send chills down our spines. Just remember that education begins at home, how to help the students when the parents are also like that.. haiyoo.

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