10 Interesting Facts about PM Lee from Channel 8’s #PMonline

Although most Singaporeans no longer watch Mediacorp, you may have accidentally seen advertisements about#PMonline, a light-hearted interview with PM Lee which was aired on Channel 8 on 28 April 2019. The show was hosted by Channel 8’s variety show host Kym Ng and newscaster Evelyn Lam who got Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to share his thoughts on a range of topics.

We potatoes sieved through the hour-long interview with forced discussions on propaganda issues (i.e. Smartnation, Fake news, active aging) and found some light-hearted and interesting facts about PM Lee:

1.    PM Lee walks at a fast pace: At the beginning of the show, Kym Ng was seen struggling to catch up with PM Lee as he walked to the interview area and had to ask him to slow down, which he did in a humorous manner.

2.    PM Lee has a fav hashtag that he uses: The #jalanjalan hashtag is his favourite one, which he generally uses to document his various little adventures and walks around Singapore.

3.    PM Lee is good at taking Wefies: At the start of the show, the hosts requested for PM Lee to take a Wefie with them. PM Lee was seen effortless taking a wefie and even took two shots so that the hosts can choose the better of the two. He also quipped that the he can take good Wefies because of his long arms.  


4.    PM Lee prefers light-hearted social media posts: PM Lee said he refrains from posting about serious issues on social media. Instead, he prefers to incorporate these issues in a light-hearted manner, so that it will be easier to understand and relate to.

5.    PM Lee is a good photographer: PM Lee shared about how he composes his shots and his preference to take photos of people doing things. He also talked about how he will sometimes wait for a good opportunity to take a shot, like waiting for animals to walk into the frame. He added that he is proud of the photos that he has taken, even though they may not be the nicest.


6.    PM Lee tries to walks a lot: PM shared that he used to wear the step tracker and clocks about 8000-9000 steps a day. He also added that he likes to go for walks at botanic gardens and MacRitchie reservoir.

7.    PM Lee misses the late LKY: While sharing about how the late Lee Kuan Yew started using a computer, we could see tears well up in PM Lee’s eyes. It was quite a heartening moment as PM Lee shared that LKY would call him to ask him where to locate a particular file on his desktop.

8.    PM Lee would make a good host: In a toggle article, Kim Ng shared that PM Lee nailed a recording of a one-liner for the trailer in one take. Ng added that people usually needed a five-minute break to go over what they want to say.

During the interview, one memorable quote from PM Lee was that he said that life shouldn’t always be about comfort and no matter how busy u are, u need to make time for people who matter. Something for us to think about yea.