NUS misconduct case: Tempering justice with mercy

So we finally hear from the police and AGC on their position on the Monica Baey case.

First, we know from the statement that there are no double standards in our legal system. Nicholas Lim was given a conditional warning not because he is whose and whose son. In fact, his parents even allowed the police to share the info that his father is a driver and his mother is a housewife to stop these rumours.

Second, AGC gave Nicholas Lim a second chance because the police did not find other obscene materials in his devices, he was remorseful and he was accessed to have a high likelihood of rehabilitation.

Some people say so what— he is an adult and should be responsible for his actions. True.

But he is also a student who is finishing his education and getting ready to start his life. If he can be rehabilitated and has no past offences, why is he not worthy of a second chance? That is also why his school gave him a second chance.

We all make mistakes and when we do, we hope that we will have a second chance too. Why are we so quick to condemn others then? #yellowribbon

And it is not like Nicholas Lim has not suffered any consequences. He is now shamed in school, sacked from his job and who knows how this may impact him in his future career. He is also booked by AGC with a 12-month conditional warning which means that he can be prosecuted if he does this kind of thing again.

Monica Baey spoke up to raise the awareness of sexual misconduct in NUS and now, the punishment framework in tertiary institutions is being reviewed. She has spoken up for a good cause.

We support her and are disgusted by Nicholas Lee’s offence. But we hope that her good intentions don’t get muddled with people who take the opportunity to use the situation as an excuse to vent their frustrations on the govt.

Even worse, some people further use the opportunity to maliciously cast doubt on our law enforcers Singapore Police Force and the judiciary saying that they practice double standards just because they were on the wrong side of the law in the past. I mean Singapore is law by law one le. If you cannot trust the police and our Courts than who are you going to trust? HWZ EDMW? Social media? SMRT Feedback? You sure or not? Your house kena rob you go to them or to the SIngapore Police Force? Your house got harrassed by loan sharks you ask Roy Ngerng to come help you issit?

The weather has been very hot lately, but it doesn’t mean we should all just get hot under the collar like that so easily.