Video: Tan Cheng Bock shares why he wants to be in parliament

Tan Cheng Bock wants to be in parliament because he wanted accountability on reserves and the CPF.

You can watch the full video

TCB: We want to have accountability. ..I go in is because I want accountability. ..I want transparency…What is happening to our reserves. . . you all..we all don’t know.. what is happening to our CPF.. you see.. these things you all can shout until the cows come home use if you are not in the house. . .

Three thoughts

1 – TCB quit politics in 2006. Less than 5 years later, he wanted to become president to fix things in 2011. In 2017, again he stated his intent to run for President and held a press conference for it (link).

As an MP for 26 years, he fully understood the office of President, what a president can do and cannot do. Yet he campaigned for in the PE like an alternative opposition to the government, as if he can be a check on the government. If he really wanted to be an effective opposition, why did he politicize the President Office and tried to run for president? If he knew that that the President is largely a ceremonial role, why did he choose to mislead the public?

2 – In his 26 years as a PAP member, what can he do now that he cannot do as a PAP MP and a member of the PAP CEC. What difference can he make by re-entering the political arena now that he cannot do for about a quarter century when he was in the system? He had 26 years to raise questions in the house, protected by parliamentary privilege, he could ask all the hard questions about the reserves and the CPF. If he did not have the guts then, what makes him so sure he has the guts now? Is he again politicizing the CPF topic by raising it only now so that he can ride on the unhappiness and win the next elections?

3 – Why didn’t he join more established parties like Singapore Democratic Party or the Workers Party. Why create his own party?. And when he has created his own party, why keep highlighting that some of his members were from ex PAP cadres? The Workers Party is already somewhat PAP lite, is his party going to be PAP 2.0? Is he trying to channel the Mahathir in him and rouse his supporters?

There is still time for the Progress Singapore Party to get its act together to show that its not an extension of Dr Tan’s political ambitions. If we were to uphold the PAP to Singaporeans high standards, we should do no less for the oppositions and demand the same caliber, competency and transparency from them.