Mikhy Brochez – liar, liar, pants on fire

A “little bird” has told us that one of our fellow potatoes was kena called out in the recent Mickey Bo-Shave Mikhy Brochez (MB)’s Facebook posts – see screenshot below.


KNN, is this botak Terry Xu trying to gang up with the Ang Moh MB to bully our “Chinese Potato Head”? Isn’t because we are Chinese? Eh, wait? Isn’t Terry also Chinese? Confused max!

Our “bird brains” tell us that this botak is trying to be opportunistic, and will bite on any chance to be anti-government, even if it causes more harm than good. Maybe Terry needs to be “auto-locked’ in prison for being an ultimate asshole. We don’t know which is worse – MB’s Facebook posts or Terry’s attempt to see Singapore burn?

Speaking of prison and for some background, this MB thought he is J.K. Rowling, and had shared a damn long Facebook post yesterday about several allegations against the Singapore government; which included how he was “poked” in prison and allegedly kena HIV. You can try searching “Mikhy Brochez” on Facebook to read more, but we think that either MB or Facebook has took down that particular long post.

If we (usually) chillax Potato also becoming Hot Potato over this crazy man, we can imagine that the government agencies confirm-plus-chop would be hotter with these allegations against them. That’s why they came out (not from the closet) quickly to refute MB’s ‘baseless’ allegations yesterday evening.


The Police even called him a “pathological liar” in their statement, which was an unusually strong word from a government agency, but definitely true. Even the former City Harvest Church’s lawyer cum Senior Minister of State, Edwin Tong, called him the same (pathological liar) on his Facebook, and said that MB lied about almost everything – from his passport, his education qualifications and to his mother.


Usually, what people does in their private lives and who they wanna “poke” are really none of anyone’s business; as long as they don’t disturb one another. But this time round, this MB has essentially made his private lives’ problems into everybody’s problems.

We read from one recent Straits Times article that some people on the HIV Registry, whose identity had been exposed (thanks to MB), were so traumatized that they contemplated suicide. Because of this, we strongly believe that there is a  special place in Hell for MB, and his supporter like Terry Xu could join him. They can pit their lying skills against each other, and have fun “poking” at one another.


The Straits Times article also made a very sensible point saying that revealing the HIV data leak (upon first discovery then), when the danger of the HIV data going public was small, would have caused more harm than good.

Btw, we are not saying that the government should cover up, because we strongly believe that when there is a mistake, the government should jolly well own up. What we are trying to highlight is that going public for such incident should not be at the expense of causing grief to the innocent victims. The emotional and physical well-being of the victims should be of priority. Just imagine if you or your love ones is one of the affected victims  – we can’t imagine the pain they have to go through.

Meanwhile, we understand that investigations are still ongoing and the authorities are doing their best to get that bastard back to Singapore to prosecute him gao gao. The Police, in their media statement, even “taunted” MB, and said that “…we welcome him to come back to Singapore to assist with Police investigations”.


Who knows, maybe he misses his husband Ler Teck Siang too much, until he decided to fly back to Singapore today to celebrate Valentine’s Day with him (and possibly with our security agencies).