SingPost – Buck up please!

SingPost has been really suay recently hor?

On 29 Jan 2019, images of mail found in a rubbish bin in Ang Mo Kio went viral online, leading to the arrest of the postman who was serving in the affected areas.


A similar incident also occurred last year, where a postman was fired after he was found to have thrown away mail at a condominium. A video of a man confronting the postman also went viral online.

The incident on 29 Jan 2019 came closely after numerous social media exposé of SingPost’s cui service – i.e. stacks of letters being found on top of letter boxes (they think we playing Jenga meh?), postmen delivering failed delivery notices without ringing people’s doors (what service quality?), parcels being left on people’s doorstep (lazy AF!), plus allegations of faked proof of delivery (where is their f-ing integrity?).

In response to a string of complaints, SingPost had earlier also issued an apology on 14 January 2019 for its “service deterioration” over the past few weeks. However, I am not convinced by SingPost’s apology (pui!).


#1 – SingPost blamed its service failures on the individual actions of a few “wayward employees”.

I do agree that the majority of the postal service staff work hard to get our mail delivered on time. For example, I have seen the postman, some even quite senior, at my area sorting out mail in the HDB mailroom during the evenings – I hope I’m not seeing “things”; not lunar 7th month yet.

I wonder hor, if there are “deeper corporate governance issues” within SingPost and/or are these postmen given unrealistic targets to meet. But hor, many of these complaints about SingPost’s service failures are not new lah.

For many years, people have been complaining about failed delivery notices, despite people being home at those times (dunno their blind or what). What action is SingPost take against such errant postmen? Is firing the postman or referring him to the police enough to deter future rogue acts? What is the crux of the problem that should be fixed?

#2 – SingPost also blamed the seasonal surge in demand over the November to December period, citing additional delivery and extended working hours.

There are some truth to this, especially with the rising popularity of online shopping, such as the likes of Amazon and Taobao.

But please don’t “smoke” us leh! Many of us have experiences first-hand these service lapses, not only occur during the November to December period, but throughout the year!

So SingPost, don’t BS us with an excuse to blame service failures due to season factors. Plus since SingPost is making a profit, can’t they just allocate more resources to deal with the seasonal surges?

It also beats us that a big company like SingPost don’t know how to manage these seasonal surges as part of its business operations and forecast the increase demand.

#3 –  SingPost is still doing well as a company and raking in large profits in 2018. 

On 1 Feb 2019, SingPost said its third-quarter net profit was S$50.2 million, which was an increase of nearly 16 percent from the same quarter a year ago.


I seriously think that SingPost should channel some of its profits into reviewing its current operations. Maybe they pay their postmen better with better welfare, and not “slave-drive” them until they kee siao and throw away our letters and parcels.

In view of the recent string of incidents, IMDA (has finally) said it will take firm action against SingPost for any breaches of its public postal licence requirements, and that it “takes a serious view of any incident that impacts the reliability, integrity and security of Singapore’s public postal services” (boring government talks).

I think the “pressure” from IMDA is useless lah – even the dragon “Toothless” from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon has more “power”.

On a really serious note, I hope that SingPost would take full responsibility for the service lapses and stop blaming seasonal factors or rogue employees.

Man-up, and start acting like a decent postal company please!