HIV data leak: What actually happened

By now, we have all heard about how these gay partners Mikhy Farrera-Brochez and Ler Teck Siang screwed people’s lives over with their drama mama relationship by leaking the HIV database in Singapore. Thankfully the Government managed to take down the links that Brochez had uploaded the information and there was no spread of the info. Or else this time GG liao.

There were still many questions in our minds. Was there a cover up since the Government had known initially that Brozchez had stolen the database info from Ler? Why never say anything? And why did this case take so long to investigate? The case started when Brochez ownself wrote to MOH to complain against Ler. Talk about a toxic relationship right?

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong made a long ministerial statement in Parliament explaining what happened. Poor guy also must be sianz to the max – no break since the SingHealth data leak thing and now have to answer for the actions of these two idiots buggers.


Here are the key points of the statement:

1) Well-being of the HIV patients was a key factor in the decision making

When the Government had evidence in 2016 that Brochez had access to the HIV data, the evidence was that he had access to the data of 78 individuals. The investigators retrieved these data from him and did a sweep to make sure that there was no other confidential information in his hands.

MOH had to decide whether to inform the patients and make a public announcement about this.

“On one hand, we want to be transparent. On the other hand, we need to consider the impact of an announcement on the affected persons with HIV – whether it would serve their interest or harm them instead,” said Minister Gan in his statement.

He said that he was reminded by his medical colleagues in MOH that the HIV patients were likely to experience high level of anxiety and distress if others knew about their HIV status. Some of them may be emotional and their lives could be changed with an announcement.

Also, MOH had good reasons to believe the info that Brochez was secured and there was no spread of the info. Gan Kim Yong said one key consideration was that that there was no evidence that the confidential HIV information had been disseminated in any way to the public so MOH “had good reasons to believe the information has been secured”.

So a decision was made that an announcement at that time “would not have served the interests of the affected individuals when weighed against the inevitable anxiety and distress they would experience”.

2) Affected HIV patients were contacted to be informed when Brochez tried to leak a second time

Then in 2018 after he came out of jail and was deported from Singapore, Brochez sent a screenshot containing 31 records (from the same set of data he had) from the HIV registry to several government authorities. So while the info is not a new set of data, but this time, the government is unable to get this copy that Brochez seemed to have on hand. MOH contacted the affected patients to inform them about the situation since there is a risk of further public exposure by Brochez.

A public announcement was not made as the government did not have evidence at that point that Brochez had more information in his hands. So the government contacted the affected patients but did not make a public announcement to avoid the anxiety and distress that might be experienced by other HIV patients.

3) Brochez struck a third time. He actually had more HIV info in his hands. Govt immediately made public announcement.

But Brochez continued to haunt the HIV patients. In January 2019, the government had evidence that that Brochez actually had more data in his hands which he had stole from Ler and he had uploaded the information online. The risk of further public exposure to patients was also likely.

The government worked quickly to disable access to the online information and contacted those who were affected. And the government also made a press conference on what happened and that is how everyone was shocked by the news.

The scary thing is that the information is still in the hands of Brochez, whom we can agree is a crazy man. Seriously why is he doing all these to his brothers and the HIV community?! He is also HIV-positive and should know very well the stress that he is causing so many people right?

We don’t know why he is doing this. Is it taking revenge on Singapore for spending time in jail? Or is he vengeful because of a failed relationship with Ler? But pls lor, don’t drag other people down with you leh. This kind of thing cannot play play one. 

So now, the goverment is working with the US police and exploring all avenues to bring Brochez to justice. Ler’s case is still before the Courts and surely, his lover’s actions is going to get him a harsher penalty for all the damage they have caused.

Because he didn’t handle his work data properly, Ler gave Brochez a chance to steal those data and then sibei unlucky, this crazy rogue created havoc with the information. As a Chinese saying goes, You can have all the rules and locks in place, but it is hard to guard against a thief in the house.

Gan Kim Yong said that Ler will face the full force of the law and be judged by the medical community on whether he is fit to continue to be a doctor – “Ler is a Singaporean doctor who had benefited from our education and job opportunities, but had misplaced the trust which the ministry, the profession and the HIV community had entrusted in him. The oath he took as a doctor has now comprised and harmed many.”

Moral of the story, be careful about who you get into a relationship with.