Nanyang Girls High School teacher apologises after pulling a student’s bra strap

Reports said that the female teacher had unbuttoned the uniform and pulled out the bra strap of the student during the check.

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Uh-oh, so embarrassing.

In case you don’t know, NYGH students are only allowed to wear white or beige colour undergarments. And yes, this is their school rules because their uniform is white colour, and also part of their attire policy to teach students to be neat and presentable. The guidelines also cover the students’ overall grooming and attire.

So the female teacher was conducting the checks on behalf of a male teacher. But her actions had caused some discomfort among the students. It went viral after a parent went to the media complaining that the check was done inappropriately. Some parents even told the media that these checks are usually done visually.

Is unbuttoning and pulling the bra out a new way of inspection?

Actually, if the bra colour is so obvious under the white uniform, why the need to unbutton and pull it out? Of course, then there is no need to do the same to any student if the colour of their undergarments are not visible from the naked eye.

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So the school and the female teacher quickly apologised to the students, including sending an email to the students and their parents to clarify the matter. But it seemed like some parents and students are still affected and had went on to social media to KPKB about how upset they were over the incident.

Maybe it is time that NYGH asked themselves what is the objective of conducting such attire checks.

If it was meant to educate young ladies on how to be neat and presentable, without having to zao geng, or end up dressing in a manner that could draw unnecessary attention, then maybe providing proper grooming lessons could set the frame better. Conducting periodical checks on whether the students are wearing the right coloured undergarments seemed like it is far from tackling the problem in the bud, or really teach young ladies how to dress properly and protect themselves. In fact, it sounds like NYGH students can only have white or beige coloured undergarments in their lives.

Then the next question is: what exactly is the problem–the student intentionally wearing a coloured bra, or that the material of the school uniform is just so “revealing”?

Don’t get us started, but some school uniforms are just potentially revealing. Either they are made with such thin fabrics that made it disadvantages to female students anyhow, or it’s just trying to make it more cooling for the hot Singapore weather. Before we play the blaming game, maybe it is more meaningful to review the problem of the uniform material, than what could possibly spin over how the checks were conducted, or fret over how to punish/shame students who try to be funny.

And let’s all give the female teacher a chance and move on, for after all she did it out of good intentions.