Lee Hsien Yang’s role in the run up to the next general elections

For the second time in three months, former presidential candidate Dr Tan Cheng Bock met Mr Lee Hsien Yang for breakfast in a neigbourhood market on a weekend.



Two  points came to mind when I saw reports of the walkabout.

First, why is Lee Hsien Yang joining Dr Tan on his walkabouts?

Didn’t Hsien Yang declare that he was not interested in politics and that he just wanted to fulfill his father’s last wishes in demolishing the house. A closure he said.  Why is he renting himself out to Dr Tan for his walkabouts then? At this rate, it won’t be long before he turns up for a Hong Lim park event.

Second, why did Dr Tan ask  Lee Hsien Yang to join him at Teck Ghee instead of his other walkabouts?

Lee Hsien Yang did not come with Dr Tan when Dr Tan was having his ‘meal’ in Chong Pang, where he coincidentally also met with Shanmugam last month.

Why specifically Teck Ghee? – Unlike Hsien Loong, who have been working in the Teck Ghee Constituency (as part of the Ang Mo Kio GRC) for nearly four decades, Hsien Yang was hardly on the ground. In fact, not many people can even remember what he did for the community before the Oxley Saga came to light, other than increasing his share overnight in the will

Did Dr Tan bring Hsien Yang along because he wanted to appeal to the late Lee Kuan Yew supporters? If this is the case, who then is explicitly exploiting LKY’s name to pursue a personal vendetta.

What is Lee Hsien Yang’s role in the next general elections?

Is he sponsoring Dr Tan political campaign? Or is he making himself available for any opposition to use his name and align themselves with his interest, against Hsien Loong? He claims that his family is being prosecuted, but he turns up for meals with Dr Tan like he enjoys the publicity, knowing full well that his presence will attract both local and international media speculation.

From a laymans perspective, its obvious that the LEE family fued has spilled over to politics. But its not a beginning of a new dawn for Singapore. Hsien Yang is determined to get back at  Hsien Loong, he is using these opposition politicians and the next general election to do it.

F*** Singaporeans and their causes.