Platinium Dogs Club – Why did it take AVA so long?

I’m sure by now, all animal lovers in Singapore are aware of Platinium Dog Club Saga in Singapore, the missing Shetland Sheepdog, Prince and the poor owner of Prince (Elaine Mao) crying and begging the owner of this shady pet boarding place (so called ‘Rachel’) to tell her where her dog is (which is how the whole thing went viral lah). Many Singaporeans including ourselves were damn angry when we watched the video.

Wah lao eh, poor Elaine kneel down siah! Our hearts broke.


Today more shocking news popped up. According to AVA’s latest update, their preliminary investigations (after long long time) showed that Prince “had died while boarded there and was cremated by a pet cremation service provider”.

AVA update.PNG

Eh sial lar! So Prince was one of the cremated dogs, but the woman die die also didn’t want to say?!!! Made so many people go around looking for Prince. They really taking people for a ride is it?

AVA simply said this, and then asked people not to speculate. Hello, AVA, story say halfway, then you didn’t say how he died or how he ended up cremated? Also never share how AVA came to that conclusion.

Also, we have been dying to ask, why AVA took so long to say anything?

29 Dec: Police, AVA and SPCA raided Platinium Dogs Club and rescued 18 dogs.  Wanbao broke the news, AVA didn’t comment.

 2 Jan: Elaine Mao went to beg ‘Rachel’ to no avail. During that time, police were called in because ‘Rachel’s’ car hit one of the people in a group that had gathered there to ask for info on Prince.  AVA kept quiet. EVEN when it was alleged that the Platinium Dogs Club female owner said Prince ran off when AVA raided the place. AVA said nothing.

5 Jan: Minister Shanmugam became the first Politician to comment on the matter before AVA did. The AVA then broke its silence that evening, 1 week after the raid.

7 Jan: Platinium Dogs Club owner arrested by AVA (our hair has turned white by this time!)

Seriously, in this time and age, AVA took over a week to finally say something. And when it finally did, it was to share half the news, and then tell us not to speculate the other half. Which century already? Seriously, can AVA and MND work a bit faster? Dogs lives are still lives you know? And the owners certainly deserve to see justice served.

And now we wait to see how long AVA need to give us the next chapter. Will ‘Rachel’ get off scot-free? Will Police end up charging the people who went with Elaine Mao to confront ‘Rachel’? Who will go to jail? Will we finally know how Prince’s life got snuffed out?

Maybe by then, our hairline all receded liao. Zzzz.