Suet Fern’s alleged misconduct and Hsien Yang’s playbook on social media

So the big news now is that the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has referred Ms Lee Suet Fern, wife of Mr Lee Hsien Yang, to the Disciplinary Tribunal of the Law Society for possible professional misconduct regarding how Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s will was drafted.

If you have forgotten about the story plot which was like a Korean drama: essentially it is about a daughter-in-law who prepared the will of her father-in-law and got the father-in-law to approve and sign the will in one night

The trouble is that her husband is one of the beneficiaries of the will. To make things every more dodgy, the daughter-in-law is a lawyer and the law says that lawyers cannot place themselves in a position of conflict, meaning cannot ownself draft something which ownself will benefit from. Quite common sense also.

So the AGC has stepped in to refer Ms Lee to the Law Society to have the matter investigated. As AGC has a statutory duty to deal with misconduct by lawyers, so if they know any possible professional misconduct, they need to assess if the case should be referred to the Law Society. Somemore AGC said that they have contact Ms Lee to ask her to explain herself but she has refused to reply.

Some may think that this is a personal family matter and why should the AGC get involved, but this is a breach of professional conduct mah (if really true) and is a serious thing leh. Lawyers who display misconduct must of course be punished or else the bad eggs will always get off scot free meh.

What makes Ms Lee so special that she doesn’t need to be investigated like the rest of the errant lawyers, if she is suspected of misconduct?

Anyways, this is not the first time that the AGC has referred potentially errant lawyers to the Law Society. Remember the notorious lawyer Edmund Wong Sin Yee, who focused on a molest victim’s size during a trial? He also got referred to the Law Society by AGC for his unprofessional conduct.

Lee Hsien Yang was super quick to defend his wife. He explained that Suet Fern was never Lee Kuan Yew’s lawyer. Their father’s private will was executed some 5 years ago and he had informed his entire family and his lawyers at Lee & Lee when he completed his will and kept his will at Lee & Lee. This was his re-signing of his 2011 will in which Minister Shanmugam was involved. Lee & Lee had been his father’s lawyers for all his wills since his first will in 1995. That first will was drafted by his mother, Kwa Geok Choo, who was then the principal beneficiary under his father’s will.

“No one has complained from the outset on the process and circumstances of our father’s signing his final will – not Lee Kuan Yew, not his estate which stands in his shoes after his death, not any of the beneficiaries, including Lee Hsien Loong, who was advised by Lucien Wong, now AG. The will was proven in court in 2015 with no issues raised; all parties have acted in accordance with the will since then.

What public interest is being served by AGC here? Why waste public resources on a private matter, and after all this time? Why is AGC rushing this case in 2019 when the facts were known by all parties for years? AGC’s assertion that his wife refused to respond is untrue. AGC should release the full correspondence.”


For a non-politician. He sure can ‘deflect’ and ‘distract’ readers from the main issue by firstly, introducing Shanmugam and secondly asking AGC to release the full correspondences, implying that they are all connected and bluffing.

This is Hsien Yang’s playbook all over again. Keep the audience captivated. End his postings with cliff hangers, and just enough nuggets for the media to speculate. Highlight that he is a victim who is just honoring his father’s last wish. Strategically post at night when people are winding down and likely to surf social media (possibly higher traffic). Next day, repeat.

Singapore is meeting Malaysia delegates tomorrow to negotiate a mutual agreement on key bilateral issues and he decides to start his attacks on social media to show what a dysfunctional family they are a day or two before the negotiations even started.

You think about it ah – Hsien Yang is shouting that her wife is innocent, but don’t want to show evidence that can prove she is innocence, instead he tells the accuser to show evidences.

Eh what logic is this ah?

Normal people will chop chop settle this and show that they are innocent because if really never do anything wrong will be ok one.

AGC should just let the Tribunal decide and tear Suet Fern defence in court during the cross examination instead of continuing to engage in such an abnormal way on a daily basis.