Pakatan Harapan falling apart, PakaTan Cheng Bock keeping quiet

Now that Pakatan Harapan is falling apart, the PakaTan Cheng Bock group is keeping quiet.

Where are the alternative voices from the Singapore Democratic Party, People’s Voice Party, People’s Power Party who romanticised Pakatan Harapan’s win in the middle of the year?

They encouraged Singaporeans to ride on the wave and push for change in Singapore.

UBAH they shouted. Do not be afraid they heckled.

“Lets do a Singapore version of the courage and spirit of our Malaysian brethren”. – Damanhuri Abas (SDP)

Damanhuri PH1

PPP - Pakatan Harapan

Pakatan Harapan (PH) has been blamed for failing to reduce the cost of living despite removing the unpopular goods and services tax. PH has also backtracked on its human rights pledges by failing to sign a United Nations anti-discrimination charter, and has been unable to push back against rising racial rhetoric. Mahathir resurrected his Proton project and started his antics with Singapore.

Everyday, someone in the coalition threatens to leave, citing that PH has abandoned the ‘Malaysia Baru’ objective. Nurul Izzah, the ‘princess of democracy’ said that there are beliefs and ideals she holds dear and she feels that she can be most true to them by taking this course of action she announced. She left.

Is this what the Damanhuri’s and the Goh Meng Seng’s want for Singapore? – freewheeling, rambunctious politics, divisive national debates, inter and intra party politicking and quick changes of prime ministers and cabinet ministers.

Pakatan Harapan struggled and imploded despite having a former prime minister, a former deputy prime minister and a former finance minister among them. They admitted that their promises were rather populist and meant to sway voters during the elections and they are currently having trouble keeping them.

PakaTan Cheng Bock hopes to be the new government of Singapore and tried to ride on the ‘Pakatan Harapan wave’ because it was popular too. The euphoria lasted for a while, but the very voices that shouted for UBAH are now quiet.

The Workers Party was wise to keep their distance from the PakaTan Cheng Bock group. They knew better than to form a coalition just for the sake of it.

Singapore cannot be a game of cards.

Our system may not be perfect but it has produced progress and security for Singaporeans. Surely that is the ultimate test of a political system.

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