Singapore Herald Blocked

Access to the Singapore Herald website has been blocked by the Singapore government.


Another day another anti-establishment website blocked?

The Singapore Herald site was the successor to States Times Review, an anti-establishment website which was blocked after the founder (Alex Tan) failed to comply with IMDA’s take down order to remove a defamatory and baseless article linking Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong with 1MDB investigations.


Before closing off States Times Review last November, Alex declared that he will no longer continue writing and will pass it off to a ‘new guy’.



Despite his declaration that he will stop writing, Singapore Herald articles continued to have a distinct Alex Tan feel – Malicious. Spiteful. Baseless. Twisted. Click-Bait-ish


Even in the current climate when Singapore is facing a difficult time with Malaysia over several bilateral issues such as the maritime and airspace dispute, Singapore Herald continued to stoke sentiments and misrepresent facts to rile up sentiments on both sides of the country when it is obvious that both government are trying to keep the ground calm and be level headed

Who is behind Singapore Herald?

A WHOIS of lists Alex Tan as the sole contact person for back end technical administration.


Alex never went away at all.  He might have cooked up a good story but the electronic trail still leads back to him.

Playing a hide and seek game with the Singapore authorities, settling up a new website in the comfort of his new home in Australia and taunting IMDA and the police to take him to task because he knows they cannot extradite him from Australia

Will this be the last we hear of him? We would not bet on it.