Singapore Cricket Club says no maids please

Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) is the 2nd oldest private club in Singapore. It was established in 1852 which is a long time ago. Yet today, its rules and practices still hark back to Singapore’s colonial past. Recently, there has been much discussion online regarding a certain Nicholas Bloodworth’s FB post (below).

The TL;DR version is that Nicholas’ father is a member of SCC and Nicholas brought his family there. However, Nicholas was informed by a staff member that his helper was not allowed in the club, and that she could wait in the car park. Nicholas tried to have her signed in as a guest, which did not work.

Apparently, the club has by-laws that say maids and chauffeurs are not allowed in the club. No doubt these are very archaic by-laws. The shocking thing is that they are still being practiced in this day and age.

The club allows guests to be signed in by members. But why are some guests deemed to be less than other guests? Yes, a maid is an employee but surely employees can be guests as long as the member wants to sign them in.

Over the years, we have steadily removed all forms of discrimination in our society, to the extent that we can confidently say that discriminating against a person’s gender, skin colour, religion, social status and even sexual orientation is generally frowned upon, at least in the public sphere. Yet in this case, we still see pockets of discrimination that have been entrenched.

What’s nice about this whole episode is that most people are on the side of the helper, even though she herself didn’t make a big fuss about the whole incident. And if you feel really strongly about SCC’s by-laws regarding this, one can simply choose not to be a member – assuming of course that you qualify in the first place.