Two cousins – in actions and words

As we (slowly) move towards a new leadership and a new PM in Singapore, allegations and suggestions that Lee Hsien Loong is preparing his son for a political career are resurfacing online once again.

People are suggesting that it doesn’t matter if you’re a Chan, Heng, or Ong – eventually you will be replaced by a “Lee”.

Eventual-Lee, if you will.

The funny thing is, everyone seems to just assume that the next gen leader will come from LHL’s side of the Lee family. All eyes seem to focus specifically on Li Hongyi, and not on Li Shengwu at all when it comes to the third generation of Lees.

But if you look closer at what Li Hongyi and Li Shengwu have done so far, you might have a different idea about where the next big Lee would come from.

On one hand we have Li Hongyi, who is essentially a computer programmer whose greatest claim to fame thus far is a mobile app for parking. Who, by the way, had announced that he has no interest in politics.

On the other hand, we have Li Shengwu, a master debater and a proper econs expert too. In fact, he was recently appointed as an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Harvard University.

Not only that, Li Shengwu has been quite enthusiastic in sharing his views about Singapore’s political scene and judicial system with established international media outlets. Heck, his parents even indirectly helped his cause by saying that they were persecuted and chased out of Singapore. Everyone loves a comeback story!

As they always say, actions speak louder than words. In this case, I’d guess that Shengwu’s actions are definitely speaking louder than Hongyi’s words.