You can run but not forever

Christmas may not be here yet but one person is probably not going to have a very merry Christmas this year. Remember David Roach? The Canadian who walked into a Standard Chartered bank in Holland Village on 7 July 2016 in broad daylight to rob the bank.

He is finally being extradited to Singapore. The media reported that the UK has given orders for him to be sent to Singapore. Roach faces a robbery charge and money laundering charge in Singapore.

The process took a bit long but what to do, this case concerns more than one country and their laws. Roach ran to Thailand after fleeing Singapore, then was deported to Canada by Thailand and then he was detained UK immigration officers when on the way to Canada. So MHA need to deal with the processes and laws of these countries to negotiate getting Roach back. We gotta say it is rather good work that the government managed to get him back.


To get Roach back to be sentenced under our law, Singapore had agreed to the UK’s request not to cane Roach even if he is convicted of robbery in Singapore. But too bad for Roach, even though there will be no caning, his jail sentence will probably be longer to make up for it. You think our laws really so lenient meh.

Moral of the story: Don’t anyhow play play and do wrong thing.