When sale of alcoholic ice creams are restricted

Did you see this article in Straits Times today?

This has possibly been the strangest thing that came out of the Little India Riot:


Ice cream lovers be like *scratch head* why night time cannot buy my Rum and Rasin???  

Well that was in April, when some fella posted on Facebook of a sign showing Cheers not selling Rum & Raisin after 10.30pm (I guess his girlfriend kaopeh him for going back empty handed without her PMS craving. Oops!)

no ice cream.JPG

Then now, half a year later (I must say that took a damn long time, our ice creams have all melted), the Ministry of Home Affairs say “… we are in discussions with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and industry stakeholders on providing an exemption for food products containing alcohol, where there is little or low likelihood of alcohol abuse. Such exempted products can then be sold and consumed without the restrictions specified under the Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act.”

Well, that took a long time to figure out.

Common sense says you get a brain freeze first before you get drunk.

Or perhaps if you are desperate enough, you could wait for the ice-cream to become milkshake to do a bottoms up lor. By then, morning liao lah!

Seriously, MHA, how come take so long for you guys to work out how cock this is and say “we will exempt your ice creams”?