Social Enterprise Hawker Centre- why is it good

So yesterday we explained why we think this hawker centre saga really sucks. But if you are still as confused as us on why we need this social enterprise model for our hawker centres, we put together a 1-min guide on what the govt has explained about the social enterprise hawker centre model. #becausewhysocomplicated

  1. We need to nurture a new generation of hawkers

The hawkers who are feeding us today are aging; their median age is 60 years old. So we need to encourage young people to take up the trade.

The hawkers centres of the future will be different from the ones we have now because #evolution. The new-age consumers don’t just want good food, they also want a nicer and better place to eat in. So the government said they wanted to bring in private operators for them to share new ideas like raising productivity for hawker centres while keeping food prices affordable, diversify food options.

      2. The companies which are brought in can help to keep food prices affordable

For example, NTUC Foodfare and Fei Siong will offer discounted bulk purchasing of ingredients to the hawkers.

The social enterprises also have to ensure the hawkers in these centres offer at least one budget meals on their menu.

Manpower costs is going up, so these social enterprises also can help the hawker centres explore automation and new ways of operations.

3. The government is still the regulator in case any social enterprise play punk

The govt said we need to give social enterprise hawker centres some time to work out teething problems. If they really play punk, the government can take action against them.

Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Amy Khor has since said that the government is evaluating the model and will make tweaks to it.

So yup, these are the benefits that the social enterprise hawker centre model is supposed to bring and help us preserve our hawker culture. With all new policies, tweaks should be made along the way to make it better, so we hope NEA’s talks with the affected hawkers and industry experts will help make things better. #becoswelovehawkerfood

We hope that was 1 minute. See you at a hawker centre this weekend.