WP: the convenient target of a disunited opposition, once again

You know the General Elections fever is gaining heat when non-WP opposition parties start to bash WP and its MPs, with greater intensity and firepower than normal days.

Reform Party’s Kenneth Jeyaratnam fired the first salvo on 30 Sep when he posted a memorial piece on his dad JBJ’s 10th death anniversary on his FB page, alleging that WP Low Thia Kiang had betrayed his father.

“My father disliked LTK so much that when he received an invitation to WP’s 50th anniversary dinner, he threw it in the bin,” KJ wrote. “After his (JBJ’s) death, Low widely publicised his belief that WP gained credibility after JBJ was forced out.”

I wonder if KJ was upset with SDP’s Dr Chee, who posted a group photo of JBJ and LTK on his FB page in memory of JBJ’s 10th death anniversary the day before. KJ had implied that kind of posting as dishonouring his late father’s struggle and “robs JBJ of all dignity by showing him next to someone he despised.”


Never mind it sounded strange that a filial son would repost something if he really felt his dad would be dishonoured and would lose all dignity by that photo. KJ’s words showed how much he detests the current WP and LTK and how he would spare no efforts to make this clear to anyone (even Dr Chee perhaps?)

Next to take over the WP-lashing, was Goh Meng Seng, the leader of People’s Power Party.

When WP chief Pritam Singh was asked in Parliament by DPM Teo if WP agrees with the annual pay for ministers, Pritam’s answer was “Yes”.

GMS was so triggered by Pritam Singh’s concurrence that he posted/shared at least 6 posts lambasting WP since Monday. First, he pointed out that WP changed its minister salary formula to follow that of PAP’s after they won Aljunied GRC (ministers salary calculation also affect MP’s salary by the way). Then he shared Tan Kin Lian’s post that WP will lose its credibility over its stand on ministers salary.


Now GMS is calling WP “totally dishonest” and alleged that “WP has betrayed its own EARLIER 2011 GE Manifesto… “ and “it is really disingenuous for WP to flip flop and to snake around, trying to wiggle out this embarrassing situation”.


Fanning the fire was the leader of People’s Voice Party Lim Tean, who implied that WP is “barking mad” to think that current ministers’ pay is reasonable and he is surprised that WP agrees with the current ministers’ pay level.


Interestingly, GMS,Dr Chee and LimTean and Reform Party were all present at the July meeting with Dr Tan Cheng Bock to talk about an opposition coalition. SDP’s Dr Chee even invited Dr Tan to be their leader. No one opposed. Everyone seemed united with the same goal. Lots of anticipation and hope.


Three months later, with Dr Tan going MIA, these parties seemed to lack focus and direction. Some seemed to go back to the old, convenient way of bashing WP, despite LTK stating clearly years ago that they are“道不同不相为谋”(loosely translated to” since we have different goals, we don’t have to work together).

SDP’s Dr Chee, who have invited Dr Tan Cheng Bock to lead the opposition coalition at least twice, played it smarter by steering clear of WP and stuck to SDP’s stand. Clearly a different tactic from the other parties that SDP was thinking of forming a coalition with.

Without a leader like Dr Tan to bring them together, the opposition parties once again reverted to the old disunited ways.

Will Dr Tan finally emerge with a shining armour to unite the opposition parties? Will he form a new political party and bring GMS, KJ and Lim Tean under his wings? Or will SDP take over the leader’s role in his absence?

We shall see.