Who cares about popcorn halal or not?

The New Paper (TNP) published an article titled “Food sold in cinemas not halal-certified: Muis” on Monday, 17 Sept.

The article reported that according to a halalSG Twitter account managed by Muis, no food counter in local cinemas is halal-certified.

Popcorn_TNP stir_1

Many of the Muslims in Singapore are angry after the article came out.

Don’t misunderstand. Ask the Muslim friends around you and you will realise that, contrary to what TNP’s article was insinuating, most of the Muslims in Singapore are not upset that food counters in local cinemas are not halal-certified. Why? Because if don’t have what we want, just don’t buy, don’t eat lah. Won’t die. If can fast a month, surely we can tahan 2 hours without food. 

Plus, frequent movie-goers know long ago that the food counters have no halal certs. Nothing new here. 

What our Muslim friends are really unhappy with is how TNP has made a mountain out of a molehill and cast unnecessarily spotlight on the Muslims and their religious faith.

If you have time, try scrolling through the many comments on TNP’s FB page. You will find that many Muslims DO NOT think it is a big deal that the cinemas’ food counters do not have the halal cert.

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Popcorn_TNP stir_1

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What’s surprising was that the two TNP journalists did not manage to find even one person who is NOT upset about the non-halal certification of the cinema food counters. In fact, the quotes carried by TNP were quite strongly-worded – “All cinemas should apply for the halal certification”, “I do not see any relevant excuse for cinema snack counters to not get halal certification. After all, cinemas attract audiences of different races and religions”.

Recently, ST and TNP seemed to enjoy reporting on where got halal cert and where don’t have. In Mar, ST wrote about Subway Singapore’s application for halal certificate; in Aug, they wrote about Fish & Co and Delifrance. And now in Sep, they are concerned about cinema food counters.

Come Oct, maybe we will see an article on someone questioning why 7-Elevens, which attract customers of different races and religions, are not halal certified. 

Own up, reporters, what’s your problem really?