377A: Let the churches go on their crusade, mosques do not have to go on their Jihad

As a Singaporean Muslim, I really don’t care if the 377A is repealed or retained. If another person ask me to sign a petition, I am going to be super pissed. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, we will not be caught in the crossfire again like in 2014 where there were aggressive postings between the Wear White and the Pink Dot movement. The aftertaste was very bitter and sour. There is no need to aggressively protest against homosexuality and to defend traditional family values by making a song and dance about it. I also certainly do not have to overreact to calls for its review.

Islam is as clear as day and night on this – LGBTQ people are a valuable part of our society. Their lifestyle is impermissible. BUT just because My religion do not condone it, it does not mean that I have to condemn them or be confrontational about it.

Secondly, I feel that the repealing or the retaining of the 377A is ‘politics’ for the government to display and to posture on their positions. I understand that this is debatable but my point is that Islam have been around for far longer than the 377A and the stand has been consistent from the start. Why should the repealing or retaining of the 377A affect me now? I don’t have to suddenly change my stand and condone the LGBTQ lifestyle just because the 377A is repealed. It is also not an attack on me or my values just because people are asking the 377A to be repealed.

MUIS have also been clear about their stand from a religious perspective, families are constituted in Islam through the union between a man and a woman and they adopt a non-confrontational approach to avoid these groups of people from distancing themselves from the mosques and the religion or to lend them further publicity.

The majority in Singapore is still uncomfortable with homosexuality and the government know this, they have to go right down the middle and engage both sides on this because that is the only thing they can do for now.

Lastly, Islam is more than just Homos Vs Hetereosexuals. We are also a lot about respecting others and to be a blessing to our society through our faith. If the churches and the pastors want to take an aggressive stance and turn this into their crusade and campaign to register their point, let them go ahead and do it, we do not need to go on a Jihad too. Our values will remain unchanged regardless the status of the 377A. Our Jihad is to spread compassion and continue to be a blessing to all those around us despite the circumstances.