Fake Man-in-Green?

One (supposed) man-in-green got the netizens talking over the weekend. Nope, we are not talking at another tekan case or NS defaulter. The man-in-green is the (supposed) “Commando Major” in the above photo.

But netizens are highly suspicious of this man-in-green, because he seems “over-qualified” with all his “powerful” army badges, but in a Military Police (MP) unit. The detailed explanation of the badges can be found this Mothership article.

For those who don’t understand “army-talk” or wonder what’s the big deal about this suspicion, it’s like seeing a PhD graduate teaching in a nursery, but in army context. We seldom (or almost never) see a Special Forces Commando officer posted to the “less glamourous” MP unit (*Disclaimer: Every unit is actually a good unit. Hmmm, sounds familiar hor?). These Commando officers are often sighted in elite units or high-level post within the army.

Some netizens questioned if he is a legit Commando officer in a MP unit, and The Reservist even called netizens to “… spread the word and warn your family and friends that he’s not a real SAF officer.”

The ReservistErm, even if he is a fake Commando officer and like to “cosplay” as a fake SAF officer, just let MINDEF deal with him lah. We are sure that the legit MPs will hunt him down, like how MINDEF deal with this “Special Forces” joker previously. It’s MINDEF leh, they are notorious for “not giving a F” to anyone, and you can expect them to give this fake Commando officer one-time “good” one, if proven that he is indeed fake.

Meanwhile, even if this fake SAF officer is in our midst, what harm can he actually do to us? As one of the netizens rightly put it, “Lol for what? In case at the food court he knock down my ah ma?”

NWXIf you really really fear that your Ah Ma would be tekan-ed by some random SAF officer, then ok lor, better to siam far far away from him.

But if he is indeed a legit SAF officer, then it would be a great injustice to him. Imagine if you were him, having gone through all the hardship to be part of the Special Forces and had earned all those skill badges, but to be called a “fake” in public by netizens. How would you or your family feel?

Let us not be too judgy for now, and give some breathing time for the truth to reveal itself. If not, we will see another episode of trolling, similar to the Caltex BMW driver’s “full tank” saga. In the end, it was a misunderstanding, but it had greatly screwed up the BMW driver’s life and family.

But hor, if this guy “cosplay-ed” as a fake police officer in this instance, then that one we need to worry. If not he anyhow arrest or search members of the public how? In short, stay safe and don’t spread fake news.