Together-gather with Dr M: Is the enemy of an enemy always a friend?

Ever been in a situation when you dislike some people so much that you would do anything just to spite them?

It would seem that this is what’s happening to Dr PJ Thum recently.

I don’t think it’s an unknown fact that PJ Thum dislikes the PAP. In fact, he had the balls to submit a report calling the PAP government the main spreader of fake news in Singapore and then go through a tough 6-hours Q&A session with Minister Shanmugam after that.

So clearly, he doesn’t like PAP. And I would guess that he’d be happy if the PAP got voted out at the next GE.

But his recent activities seems to suggest that he is so focused on pushing out PAP that he might have gone a bit too far.

I’m referring of course to his meeting with our friend up north, Dr Mahathir.

Older Singaporeans might remember some of the things Dr Mahathir said about Singapore during his first time Msia’s PM. In fact, he once joked about bombing Singapore in his speech. I’m not lying – the video is available on Youtube still!

And those Singaporeans who are not familiar with Dr Mahathir’s jibes about Singapore should have gotten some reminders in recent months. He has announced his intention to scrap/postpone the HSR project with Singapore, and just like the good old days, Dr Mahathir has also threatened to increase water prices.

These are things that will not just affect the PAP, but also affect Singaporeans greatly. We drink water everyday, for goodness sake!

So it was quite disconcerting to see Dr PJ Thum, a fellow Singaporean, celebrate his meeting with Dr Mahathir and then call Malaysia the “Federation of Malaya”.

I remember that Federation of Malaya was the country that kicked Singapore out decades ago, when the Singapore government back then did not agree to their racial politics. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but by using the “Federation of Malaya” name, is Dr PJ Thum suggesting that Singapore rejoin Malaysia?

I have some complaints about Singapore, but I’m not unhappy enough to want to be part of Malaysia again. I think most Singaporeans would also prefer to stay as Singapore as well.

I would also guess that while some Singaporeans disagree with government policies or laws now and then, most if not all Singaporeans would unite when someone outside the country jokes about bombing Singapore or threatens to cut off our water.

At the moment though, looking at Dr PJ Thum’s comments about Dr Mahathir and Malaysia…

If one day Malaysia and Singapore really disagrees and have a fallout (touch wood), I’m really not sure about which side of the Causeway Dr PJ Thum would stand on.