Chee’s or Tan’s Coalition?

So, yesterday SDP’s chief Chee Soon Juan delivered a belated National Day Message. Or maybe, it was his “preview” version to counter PM’s National Day Rally speech today?


In any case, Chee called for Singaporeans to tune in to his message on his Facebook at 3pm yesterday. But maybe because it was a “belated” National Day Message, the supposedly Facebook live broadcast of Chee’s message was also “belated”. It started around 10 minutes past 3pm without audio and no subtitles! Maybe Chee was testing our lip-reading skills. After some realisation, but mostly through the Facebook messages complaining about the tech issues, SDP decided to restart Chee’s message, but still kena the same problem. Then they lan lan bo bian, have to postpone the broadcast to 4pm.

When 4pm came, there was no broadcast, and SDP put up a Facebook post calling for “patience”. Then suddenly, a 30-plus minutes of Chee’s National Day Message video was uploaded onto Chee’s Facebook after close to 30 minutes of wait. Joke sia! They suddenly prata-ed and went for a recorded video instead. We don’t know if we can take SDP seriously when they can’t even keep their words for such a simple task. Tsk!

Delays aside, since we are already used to delays in our daily lives (i.e. train delays), we were pretty interested to hear what solid plans SDP has to offer. No surprises, Chee mostly complained about what we are already complaining regarding cost of living, ministerial salaries, housing and CPF. Yawn! And there was no real solution to the problems he threw out. We thought we almost wasted 30 minutes of our precious weekend time on nothing.

But interestingly, Chee did share something new in his message about preparing his party for the next election. He said that SDP will be launching a year-long campaign of activities to prepare for GE next year (or so they think). More importantly, he mentioned that SDP will NOT spearhead anything, but to support Dr Tan Cheng Bock (TCB) at the helm.


But hor, his words and his actions abit tak gel leh. It seemed like SDP is leading the charge for the coalition, with Chee’s or SDP’s National Day Message about issues. But if SDP said that TCB is at the helm, then why didn’t Tan share his focus or he is quietly agreeing with Chee/SDP’s plans? Since SDP and Chee already sort of endorsed him as the de facto leader of the opposition coalition, shouldn’t he be the one leading and speaking on behalf of the coalition for such dua zhong stuff.


And since they have called for a coalition, we wonder what other members of the coalition feel about SDP’s plans. Can we take it that they also agree? Or they actually want to tackle other issues? Have they been consulted on SDP’s plans or this is just Chee or SDP breaking ranks from the coalition to campaign and champion for their own issues. Maybe the respective “ministers” for the coalition should comment about SDP’s proposals related to their portfolios, since they seem serious and “ready” about forming the next government. Maybe the coalition “ministers” could propose alternative plans for their portfolios, since we always kpkb about PAP ministers doing a bad job with the current policies related to cost of living, ministerial salaries, housing and CPF.


But, knowing Chee, it is likely that he decided to chu pattern with their own National Day Message, even though he claimed to be part of the coalition led by TCB. Then maybe we might see history repeating itself again, and see Chee playing TCB or other coalition members out when they don’t see eye-to-eye; just like what he did to Chiam See Tong previously when Chiam was in SDP.


Many questions still unanswered, and we guess we can only wait and see lor. Maybe the coalition should put up their “shadow” budget next year for Singaporeans to choose and decide if the coalition and its members are good alternative to the PAP ministers.