Sell car to fix trains?

Ok, yesterday the former Chief of Defence Force (CDF) Neo Kian Hong made his virgin press event as the new SMRT CEO in a nice blue cap and a bright orange safety vest.


For a very brief moment, we thought that he was gonna talk about parents volunteering at the primary school of their choice (not their kids’) as traffic marshal to “game” the primary 1 registration system. In any case, the primary 1 registration is on-going, plus the former CDF was the Permanent Secretary (Education Development) in MOE. Connect these dots and you would have thought that Neo was “shooting back” at the Straits Times’ article about more parents playing the alumni card to game the system. So, if every school is a good school, then why go through such hassle?

So back to trains. Since Neo don’t have much skills fixing the education system, we thought maybe he might have some luck with our trains, since he has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering.

Instead, his comments that made headlines were about him selling his car and moving near to Shunfu, just to make sure he could take train to work. He claimed that it would be “useful for him to take the train to understand the issues of the commuters”. #wayang


Seriously? We thought he would share something more solid to solve the train problems, especially coming from someone with an engineering degree. So, has the wayang of taking the trains to “understand the issues of the commuters” work? I guess not – just look at Lui Tuck Yew and Khaw Boon Wan.


If Neo thinks that this method would work for him, then why we need a “global search” for the new SMRT CEO? I can also Kee Chiu for it, since I am already taking the trains every day to “understand the issues of the commuters”. But hor, I know my limits lah. My “peanut” pay is too “mediocre”, so can’t fight with the supposedly top talents of this country, according to Lao Goh.


Ok lah, to give Neo some brownie points, he did say that 6 new trains would be put into service next month, with 6 more by early next year, for the red and green lines, if you read the news articles properly.

But, and the big but is, the trains itself doesn’t seem like the main problem, if I read the past SMRT news correctly – it is the signalling system. That is why they cut our train hours to fix the signalling system and rails right? Well, I’m not an engineer or train expert, but my logic said that SMRT is “barking at the wrong tree”, for now.

Well, I guess new trains are good to have, but if the rails and signalling system are f-up, then what is the point? It is like driving a new Lamborghini car with awesome engine and interior, but kena stuck in a traffic jam.


Aiyah, in any case, we guess we can’t expect too much from SMRT now, since they said that they are still fixing their engineering and corporate culture problems. Meanwhile, as a daily train commuter, I can only pray that I can get from point to point soon soon. As long as there is no “submarine trains” or “two trains kissing”, I’m happy liao! 😊