When Tango makes Three, inconsistently

When LGBT related content starts to keep popping up on your online feeds, you somehow know that Pink Dot is nearing. And yes, the annual gathering will celebrate its tenth anniversary at Hong Lim Park this Saturday, 21 July 2018. If you are going, be sure to go in pink and bring along your pink ICs 😊



But this year, I got a slight déjà vu when kaypoh-ing about LGBT related content. Interestingly, there was actually a decision by the China Hong Kong authority to hide ten children’s books featuring same-sex parents and other LGBT themes at Hong Kong’s public libraries, after months of pressure from an anti-gay-rights group.


Wah, “same-same, no difference” from Singapore when Singapore’s National Library Board decided to “upgrade” (not pulp) two controversial, same-sex parents related content children books to the adult section of its public libraries in 2014.

Well, I guess the Hongkie government decided to take a leaf from our government’s playbook, after we sort of potong jalan some of their local delicacies – e.g.  Tsui Wah eatery, Jenny cookies and Tai Cheong egg tarts. Ok lah, tic-for-tac.

Hey, but wait! I thought Hong Kong is LGBT-friendly, especially after its landmark court ruling that granted visas to spouses of gay expatriate workers? The article even highlighted that the ruling would motivate LGBT groups to “poke” (no pun intended) at the Singapore and Japan governments to change their policies. And the Hongkies even prided themselves as at the “forefront of the nascent movement for gay rights in Asia”.


(Ouch! my eyes!)

So, what happened with this recent pandering to the anti-gay-rights group? Well, maybe the Hong Kong government is merely paying lip service all along when it comes to protecting minority rights, especially for the LGBT community?

Confusing right? On one hand, the top court in Hong Kong appeared to favour the LGBT community, while the Hong Kong authorities seem to “see the LGBT community no up” and tried to shut them away.

The way I see it is simple – it’s pure inconsistency between what the Hongkie’s courts and government say. I feel like asking them in my half-pass-six Cantonese “what the f*ck” is the Hongkies’ position on LGBT policies? Maybe, they are still trying to seek “divine guidance” from the Peking Ducks. Or maybe, they are only consistency with their local food.

Well, at least you would find consistency in Singaporeans and the Singapore government. For example, we consistently complain about anything under the sun, our trains consistently break down, our salaries are consistently the same over the years, and cost of living also consistently going up!


And related to the penguin book incident in 2014, at least the “saving grace” was that our government was consistent stubborn with its policies in “not giving a shit” about our LGBT community all along, and they are not shy about it.

In any case, this consistency stubbornness was also clearly seen in our National Service (NS) policies, when there is one UK-Thai (but somehow also Singaporean) citizen, Ben Davis, who sort of decided to siam NS to play for “fookham” in the EPL.


So remember ah, this Saturday Pink Dot, pink ICs ah… don’t expect the authorities to suddenly bend it like Beckham on the rule of no foreigners protesting at Hong Lim Park.