Bye bye oBike

So oBike users tio cua on Monday when the Chinese bike-sharing operator announced that it is closing shop in Singapore. Reports said that oBike announced this via their app, and said that they have to cease operation due to difficulty in meeting the new guidelines by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to address the problem of indiscriminate parking.


In case you are not aware, these bicycles had created so much inconvenience due to indiscriminate parking that some ended up in the longgang because people just buay tahan how oBike’s geofencing tactic didn’t work. You can find out more here.

So it’s actually good riddance that they close down and move these damn bikes away.
But it seems like oBike customers will not only say bye bye to the yellow coloured bikes, but also their $49 deposit.

Media earlier reported that oBike has been quiet about refunding the deposits and how to collect their bikes away. And that it is even more unlikely for oBike riders to get their deposit back now that it has gone into liquidation. *cries*

To add to the problem, these bikes are now left around our public spaces, and town councils have to find a way to deal with that because oBike just didn’t do anything about their assets. Even if you want to sell the bike for scrap metal, you will probably only take back $5. And that’s not considering the time and money that went into hiring town council personnels to take this bikes away.

Looks like this time really lugi liao. LTA also buay tahan how cui oBike’s way of exit that they had instructed oBike to remove their bicycles from public spaces by 4 July. The way they exit the market really buay swee la, and now who should help oBike kio sai?

And if you think all we lost was just the $49 deposit per user, that’s not all. There were also questions over the large amount of sensitive data oBike has, such as credit card information, contact numbers and social media accounts. Will oBike delete the data? Or will these data be sold to other parties? What are the legal guidelines on handling of personal data info?
So many questions unanswered and logistical problems. oBike, please don’t suka suka come and suka suka go. It’s time to stop hiding and face the dai ji head on.
Meanwhile, for oBike riders, maybe it’s time to consider Mobike as the next option.