A chance to meet and hug Mum

Earlier this month, 12 female prisoners in Changi Prison got to meet their children during a special open house. They were allowed to hug and interact with their children without any physical barriers between them. Awww.

The session is part of a family-bonding programme organised by the Salvation Army to help inmates and their families build stronger ties. The aim is to help prisoners stay motivated with family support and prevent the breakdown of the family unit because the child’s parent is in jail.

This programme has been on-going and kudos to the authorities for it. Helping prisoners move on and continue with life after their jail sentence is important. When the family unit breaks down, lots of societal problems can happen. Especially for the children, they are innocent. Which is also why we can’t help feeling sad when news broke that kids were being separated from their parents in the US because of Donald Trump’s immigration policy which luckily has been removed after an uproar.