Trump-Kim Summit: International media featuring Singapore food

Ahead of the Trump-Kim meeting tomorrow, thousands of reporters from all over the world has arrived in Singapore for the event. Our gahmen and businesses also very fast hand fast leg taking the chance to introduce Singapore food and places of interest to them to gain maximum exposure.

The local media reported that the F1 pit building has been repurposed to build a International Media Centre where the media can work and meals are provided for them. Local food companies like Ya Kun and Udders are sponsoring the food.

Well, since Singapore was requested by the US and North Korea to host the meeting, I think we might as well try to milk as much publicity also.

Looks like they are getting their money’s worth for the cost of feeding these reporters. On the first day that the International Media Centre opened to the media yesterday, there were lots of media reports on their facilities and the food. Apparently chicken rice and laksa was also served to the reporters.

Udders even specially made Kimchi flavoured ice cream, haha. Ehm, we just hope it won’t taste weird.

A Yahoo reporter tweeted about the ice-cream and that it is an acquired taste, haha. But can give points for creativity lah haha.

Nicholas Yong.png

Some other news clips that we saw:

CTI television:





Sanlih E-Television: 








Not bad leh, got pretty reporter to help introduce the food. Got add points anot hahah

Taiwan Ya Kun 1.png

Formosa Television:


And wah, they even reported that the atas Empire bak kwa which cost $800 for a box also came in to sponsor bak kwa for the media hor. I grow so big also never eat before.

bak kwa.png

The news reporter said that having all these Singapore food being featured in the global media is worth the trouble of holding the summit. Besides the food, the media also received promotional tickets and materials to places of interest eg Universal Studios in Singapore.

All the food sponsor companies also get to be interviewed by the media for their news on how the International Media Centre looks like. Super save on advertising. The marketing effect of this kind of news footage, how to find elsewhere man.

And looks like not only the government and businesses are trying to milk everything they can. The Trump-Kim impersonators are charging $10 for a photo as they go around their roadshows. Everyone huat ah!