Becoming more popular: Talking to your pet via a psychic

Fancy cakes for pets on special occasions. Dressing up with accessories and clothes for our furry friends to look uber cute. These is the new life of pets in an increasingly affluent society.

Good for them to have such loving owners.

But ehm, paying a psychic to talk to them?  Wow, we just don’t what to say about this one when we read about it in the Straits Times.

The article said more pet owners are paying up to $200 to ‘psychics’ who can communicate with their pets for them.

One psychic claims he can hear an animal speak just by meditating on a photo of it, and can “enter” the animal’s body and feel its aches and pains.

If you have no time or are too far to travel to visit the psychic, don’t worry you can even send up to three photos of your pet over WhatsApp, with questions you want to ask. The animal communicator then relays the pet’s answers over the phone.

Wah, zhun bo?! Don’t even need to meet and observe the pet can still sense how the pet feels? Sorry but this really makes us wonder how accurate the communication can be.


And anyway, how does the dog actually verbalise itself to the animal communicator?  We got curious and went to see how are the experiences like for people who have tried this.

Turns out that some pet owners have tried such services and blogged about their experience. It seems like generally fail lah. The answers by the psychics mostly wrong one.

So yup, we helped you do some homework already in case you are thinking of visiting a pet psychic.

We have a feeling that maybe someone won’t approve of these animal whispers.

We got better places to spend our money oh yah?