Malaysia’s Hope Fund for all to give money

Malaysia has set up the Tabung Harapan Malaysia (THM) fund – called the Hope Fund – to ask citizens to give money to help pay their national debt.

So far, RM7 million (S$2.35 million) has been collected in 24 hours.

So why should people contribute since they have voted in the government to fix the problems?

Because their Gahmen said this is one way for Malaysians to show they are sehati, sejiwa, seraga (one heart, one spirit, one body) with the country. To show their patriotism.

Limpeh wonder if Sinkies will contribute if we face a similar economic problem and our Gahmen said crowd funding is needed.

But our Malaysia friends really quite jialat. Their finance minister Lim Guan Eng said: “If a baby is born today in Malaysia, he will already be RM33,000 in debt”.

Limpeh read already also feel sad.


Ah Loong, must govern our country properly ok so that we can continue to receive our baby bonus.