5 quick lessons for Singapore to look out for as Mahathir regime begins in Malaysia

The five hard truths are succinctly summarized below.

Tell them to your friends who had romanticized Pakatan’s win and who see Mahathir as some kind of hipster dude…its time for them to wake up their idea…

You can be anti-PAP but you cannot be anti-Singapore.

1 – Mahathir understands that Malaysia have to cover a lot of grounds to catch up with Singapore. In order to do this, he not only have to make Malaysia stronger, he will also have to weaken Singapore. Ideally, Singapore becomes poor and backward, then Malaysians will not always remind him about Singapore’s stronger currency, higher GDP and better employment opportunities.

2 – Mahathir will jibe and poke and make Singapore regularly. These will only increase with time. Now that Najib has been disposed, who will be the new target that can rally the Malaysians together – of cos us lor. Remember how he said in his interview with Financial Times that the powerful can do what they want, and the weak suffer what they must? Seems like he had no guts to take on the PRCs, so he is picking on Singapore because it is a smaller country which he thinks can be bullied; plus Malaysia have already taken too much PRC money already so he dared not go against them one la.  Singapore will have to be prepared to be the punching bag more than ever before. Earlier generations remained calm and rational, we must do the same and remain united.

3 – Mahathir will ask us to be gracious. To give face and to give and take in this abang –adik relationship. Good relations need cooperation from both sides, will Malaysia practice what they preach and be gracious to us too or will they just want us to give so that they can continue to take?

4 – Mahathir is extraordinarily wily.  He told a press conference that his team will reconsider Malaysia’s challenge for Pedra Branca at the ICJ when his team had actually informed ICJ that it would discontinue the proceedings a few days earlier. He is extremely skilled at gaining an advantage and does not see Singapore as a precious neighbor, he sees Singapore as a foreign country that Malaysia can intimidate and to be kept in check. Period.

[UPDATE] They just dropped the case with ICJ. You know why? Mahathir realised that Malaysians have no case to begin with, and he decided to drop this issue to avoid an embarrassment of losing. Down the line, he is going to seek concessions from Singapore for his gesture of “good will” (see point 3).

5 – Mahathir is the king of mega projects. Petronas  Towers ($600 Million). Proton. Putrajaya ($5.2 Billion). Even the crooked Bridge, are all his pet projects. How come he did not claim that they were  as wasteful as the High Speed Rail project? – It is because the HSR was Najib’s?  He did not even filch at the number of zeros it cost to build Petronas Towers, Proton and Putrajaya  because it made his administration looked good.

[UPDATE]: Mahathir just announced a Dubai-like RM30 billion development project to be built on reclaimed land in Langkawi. (you see la what I mean)

After all that is said and done, the reality is that Malaysia and Mahathir is here to stay and that Singapore cannot chose her neighbors, however, we can choose to be smart about it lah.

Our older generation and 4G leaders will remember and know his playbook well enough because they grew up with a foreign leader who threatened to bomb Singapore, who went renegade on bilateral agreements multiple times and who publicly announced that he wanted to cut our water supply at every opportunity.

For the younger generations, who were inspired by Pakatan win in their general elections and by Mahathir’s vigor at 92 years old, make no mistake, whether it is BN or PH as their government, the Mahathir regime has returned.

And he has shown that he can be spiteful to us. Maybe even already started already:

Pic 1.JPG