Limpeh insight into Pakatan Harapan first month as government

Limpeh is not politically savvy but limpeh got watched US Drama Designated Survivor so limpeh learn a lot from political moves.

They say when a new government is formed, the first 100 days of administration is the most critical.

What Dr M is trying to do is just that. Secure public confidence, clear the outstanding mess, make his supporters happy.

Make sure every Malaysians know the government is not splurging money. Clean cut images of them wearing $4 Bata or drive Proton has appeared and many will soon follow suit.

mat sabu.PNG
Mat Sabu featured living in a modest terrace home and driving a Perodua Viva, one of the cheapest cars in Malaysia.

Go for low lying fruits immediately then can announce results.

Reducing 10% of his cabinet salaries is not enough to even pay for the fuel of his son’s private jet, let alone save a country of Satu trillion debt. But he did it anyway because any reduction now is more than welcome.

So they will go round search for things to reduce without impacting too much on their economy.

Maybe they will announce parliament now only use recycle paper and documents can only print in black and white.

Maybe they will announce cabinet ministers now can only drink Old Town kopi, drive Proton cars and travel by Malindo Air for domestic flights (becos AirAsia kena ban..Haha)

Maybe their wives will start carrying Bonia bags.

Whatever they do, its just calculated political move. Limpeh always say that as politicians, optics is everything. What you say or don’t say matters.

Its something our politicians here should learn, instead of telling Singaporeans that its not easy to juggle working full time and also be an MP.

Limpeh nearly cried when they even invoked the spirit of Malaysia’s forefather and started a campaign to collect donations to help Malaysia’s 1 Trillion ringgit debt, saying that Malaysia’s forefathers gave their jewellery, money and valuables up just so that Tunku and the then Government could raise enough funds to go to London and claim for Merdeka (Independence) from the British and that Malaysians should step up and also do the same now.

Can you believe it? Going straight for the feels i tell you . . . so touching until Limpeh heart cannot take it.