No peace of mind for these peace talks

So US President Donald Trump just said that there is a “substantial chance” that the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, scheduled to be held in Singapore on 12 June, may be postponed.

This comes following North Korea’s threat last Wednesday (16 May) to cancel the summit. Their spokesperson said that North Korea will no longer be interested in the summit if the US tries to force it to abandon its nuclear arsenal unilaterally.

To add to the drama, South Korea’s national security advisor also claimed on Monday (21 May) that there was a “99.9 per cent” chance of the summit happening.

In any case, it now seems like being chosen is so much more painful than not being chosen.

After all the tease about whether Singapore will be the summit venue, much like an indecisive date staying coy about whether to go steady, Singapore now has to deal with all these mixed signals.  Buay steady leh.

What is going on?

Both North Korea and the US are probably engaging in the game of politics, trying to show the world that they are dictating the agenda for the summit.

By acting nice before turning tough, North Korea could be trying to nudge the US away from its goal of “complete, verifiable and irreversible” denuclearisation in the Korean peninsula.

On the other hand, President Trump, ever eager to act tough, will definitely be wary of appearing weak in the face of North Korea’s threats.

Singapore becomes collateral damage

Indeed, as PM Lee said during the debate on the President’s Address this year, quoting his father: “when elephants fight, the grass suffers, but when elephants make love, the grass also suffers”.

Both countries at first happy happy say want to meet in Singapore, we suffer (from planning and making the necessary security arrangements).

Now both countries angry with each other and threaten to cancel the meeting, we also suffer (how to plan anything like that?). No peace of mind for these peace talks.

If this was a game of chess, I think many civil servants will be ready to flip table (and the board).

Summit meme.jpg

Can both parties just go ahead with the meeting and then leave us alone after that? Don’t later don’t know when we need to close the roads etc.  Tolong lah, we just want our peace of mind!

P.S. Also don’t lau kui your own people lah, you all promise to meet already leh.