NSFs death: Those who violate the rules will be punished

Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam said today in Parliament that there will almost “certainly” be criminal proceedings taken over the death of SCDF NSF Corporal Kok Yuen Chin who was thrown into the pump well for his ORD celebrations.

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen also spoke about NS training deaths in a ministerial statement in Parliament and gave details about the death of 3rd Sergeant Gavin Chan who died last September during night- training in Australia.

The investigations showed that it was an unfortunate incident that in trying to do well for the exercise, Gavin decided to continue driving without headlights even though the night vision device on the vehicle is not working. Haiz.

Minister Ng said that measures to strengthen NS training have been taken and assured us that if anyone make reckless and negligent acts, they will be punished after investigations.

And he also said that a strong safety culture and zero fatality can only be achieved if every soldier take care of the well-being of himself and his fellow soldiers. Actually very true.

We can have all the measures in place but if we don’t follow them or speak up when there is a lapse, then no point right? Like poor Corporal Kok who kanna thrown into the pump well because no one followed the guidelines and no one spoke up about such ragging to whistleblow.

So brothers (in SCDF, SPF and SAF), please speak up if you see any commander or whoever anyhow tekan anyone in NS. Because next time, it can be you or your friend.

Another advice for our brothers serving NS, we know sometimes you want to ‘keng’. Because sometimes just really want to have a break. But don’t overly ‘keng’ ok. Later when you feel really unwell, then nobody want to help you and just laugh at you like how Corporal First Class Dave Lee was allegedly laughed at (this bring us back to the point that brothers should look out for brothers leh).

Because at the end of the day, no matter what safety measures NS can have, your own safety and your comrades’ safety is in your hands.

So please also rem to follow all the safety protocol even when trying to push yourself hard for the training. Because really, nothing more important than safety. Why the army trains hard is to protect their loved ones, so please make sure you and all your brothers can go home safely to your loved ones.

So take care of each other and don’t ownself sabo ownself ok.