Horse race question on 4G leadership

If you ever got Hsien (pun intend in next paragraph) of dramas on Netflix, try watching some of our exchanges between our MPs in Parliament. Sometime, their exchanges do make for good mini teledrama. Especially when it is big boss against big boss– confirm better than our Mediacorp dramas, since their bar is damn Low (pun intended in the next paragraph).

So in the recent debates for the President’s Address in Parliament, our 3G (not your mobile connection) PM Lee Hsien Loong had a rather interesting, short exchange with 3G/former opposition chief Low Thia Khiang on political pundits’ favourite topic – 4G political leadership.

During Wednesday’s Parliament Sitting, PM Lee spoke as usual give his takes on how Singapore should be heading under the 4G leadership team amidst global and domestic challenges. Sounds boring right?

But after PM’s speech, Low Thia Khiang asked if if there was “now a political elite class” in Singapore, given the widely discussed PM front-runners (Chan Chun Sing, Heng Swee Keat and Ong Ye Kung) all came from the military or civil service.

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The drama part came when PM responded. He had to right? He gave a beautiful speech in Parliament but kena suan by the opposition 3G leader, of course he “hot” liao!

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So he said, “He (Low Thia Khiang) talked about three front-runners. I don’t know how many people are running. I just said it’s not a horse race, it is a team”.

And that when evaluating a political leader, people should look at his contributions, strengths and flaws. They should not be asking about where he comes from or who his parents are.

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So PM Lee highlighted that the 4G leadership is not a one-man show but a team, just like the political leadership teams before. And he also said: “The stronger this team is, the harder I make Mr Low’s job.”

PM Lee also said in his speech that the Workers Party plays a role in Singapore’s political system to keep our politics contestable- meaning the opposition gives the government an incentive to perform and stay in power.

In drama speak, the spotlight will usually be on the lead actor or actress. But the supporting cast and crew are equally important too. Without them, the lead actor or actors will have to “own self act own own self”.

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So, I don’t know if Mr Low was trying to show that he still the (opposition) boss by going after the (government) boss in Parliament yesterday. The Chinese saying is that old ginger is still the spiciest, you know. We give him thumbs up.

Especially after the new Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing up this morale abit when he  paid tribute to Mr Low as former opposition chief in his earlier Parliament’s speech. Of course, Mr Low had to kee chiu and posed the question to PM.

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Well, mini drama ended. The next better drama might be the upcoming Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore (provided DPRK don’t fly airplane). Stay tune!