SQ: A great way to fly (kite)

The buzzword of the month is inequality. The issue was recently raised by our elite Ministers Shanmugan and Ong Ye Kung at different platforms, and more recently by President Halimah Yacob at her first Address to the new session of the Parliament.

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And just as our leaders spoke about tackling inequality in our society, our dear Singapore Airlines decided to run a contest on Facebook to give away 20 pairs of invites to try out their new Suites and Business Class products.

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We Googled and found out you need to have S$15,000 to burn for their Single Suite or S$31,600 for their Double Suite! So this contest like not bad right?

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But there is a catch.

The catch of this latest contest by SIA is not that it is only for KrisFlyer members, but the fact that the winners of this contest won’t get to fly in their revamped Suites or their Economy Class or even in their cargo bay. In fact, the winners don’t even get close to the aircraft. Ya, it’s just… sad.

Got more cheat our feelings anot?!

So what the hell will the winners “win”? According to SQ, the winners will get to enjoy the “Suites experience” in SQ’s roadshow at ION Orchard – machiam like winning a chance to sit on an OSIM massage chair at their roadshow. Needless to say, many excited high SES wannabe felt kena con when SQ explained on their Facebook about the T&C of the contest.

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So in the end, those of us lower SES people can only get to “experience” the Suites  seats at a roadshow in Ion Orchard with everyone walking past you. Thanks but no thanks SQ.

We don’t even want to start talking about how they have economy and premium economy seats to even more out-rightly separate us further in the high-low SES divide.

Indeed, SQ has proven themselves again to be a “great way to fly” for the high SES people. As for the rest of us, we just have to find our own “great way to fly” kites, maybe at Marina Barrage.

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