You sure we ready for zero-waste grocery mart?

Not sure if you have come across those supermarkets overseas where you have to pack your own groceries using your own containers, but a provision store with a similar concept is opening at Jalan Kuras.




The shop, called UnPackt, will be soft launched on Saturday 5 May and will focus on selling healthier food options, like rice with lower glycaemic index and organic pasta.


These food items will be stored in large dispensers and customers will have to come prepared with containers to keep the items they wish to purchase. I guess they will pay based on its unit weight since they have to first weigh their containers before filling it up and then weigh their containers again before making payment. A bit mafan, if you ask me.


The plus point of this shop is that things will probably be sold at a cheaper price since you don’t pay for packaging. It is also better for singles or couples who find it difficult to shop for one or two persons.

The downside to this concept of grocery shopping is that it takes away the convenience of simply picking up groceries and paying for them. And you definitely have to be prepared for grocery shopping and bring your own containers in addition to your shopping bag.

To help people get used to this new way of grocery shopping, the store will provide recycled containers donated by members of the public for customers to contain their food items. But clean meh?

Also, those with buttery hands will make a mess while dispensing food items. And it probably only take one kid to mix up food items. In such situations, wouldn’t it cost more to throw away or sort out the mess created.

Not that I want to be a wet blanket but there aren’t many glowing reports about Singaporeans’ civic mindedness. Somemore this kind of concept appeals to the higher educated hipsters.

So yup, while we commend the idea behind this shop, we are not betting the concept is going to fly.