Why no challenge for the Workers’ Party new Sec Gen?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have known that the Workers’ Party (WP) has recently held its internal central executive committee (CEC) election and got itself a new Secretary-General, Mr Pritam Singh.


Yes you heard right, Low Thia Khiang is no longer the Secretary-General of WP. Mr Low has been the Secretary-General of WP since 2001.

Mr Pritam Singh’s bid to be the new Secretary-General was unopposed.

This was surprising at the very least, as Mr Chen Show Mao had previously challenged Mr Low Thia Khiang for the post of Secretary-General in 2016. That was the first challenge since Low helmed WP as its secretary-general.

According to Straits Times, Chen’s supporters are a group of older WP members who were unhappy with Low for allegedly favouring younger members while fielding election candidates.

Then Low Thia Khiang defended his position with 61 votes, while Chen Show Mao garnered about 45 votes.

This time round, why did Chen not put in his bid for Secretary-General?


There were 23 candidates who put up their names for the 12 spots in the WP CEC.  WP Sec-Gen and Chairman, Pritam Singh and Sylvia Lim were not part of the list.


According to the screenshot of the votes cast at the CEC election, Low and Faisal Manap received the highest number of votes (70), followed by Dennis Tan (67) and Chen Show Mao and Png Eng Huat (60).Which means that Chen still has quite a fair bit of support and influence in the WP camp.

We are just curious… if Pritam Singh was pit against Chen Show Mao — how will the votes turn out?

Leaving you with this nugget. Kthxbye.