What opposition members said to PM Lee about TPP before Trump’s U-turn to re-enter the trade pact.

Donald Trump has said he may be open to rejoining the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), in a major U-turn having pulled out of the planned Asia-Pacific trade pact just last year.

Not too long ago, opposition politicians chided PM Lee for stubbornly pressing on with the TPP despite America’s lack of commitment in the deal.

Mr Tan Jee Say of Singaporeans First (SF) suggested that Mr Lee should cut losses and move on without misleading Singaporeans. Mr Tan suggested that the Prime Minister should remove the advisers in his administration and think-tanks who had given him poor advice on the topic. He described such advisers as ‘cold war relics’.

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Dr Chee Soon Juan, the secretary-general of Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) said that the PAP lacks foresight and is clumsy in navigating the economy. He then went on to publish several posts explaining how Singaporeans are making a grave mistake by allowing this to happen.

Despite their aggressive incites, the Singapore Government proceeded with a revived version of the TPP (without the US), reducing tariffs in 11 economies that together account for more than 13 per cent of the world’s GDP. Brave eh?

A few days ago, The US president told his advisors to explore re-entering the trade pact at a White House meeting. *Jeng Jeng Jeng!*


Does this mean that the current Singapore leaders were right all along, that the TPP is strategically important to all its members and worth pursuing every bit?

Maybe the PAP knew all along that Donald Trump is an impetuous leader prone to destabilising policy U-turns.

Perhaps this is Trumps way of negotiation, being the businessman he is, he just wanted a better deal for himself?

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Did Mr Tan and Dr Chee knew what they are talking about when they were commenting about the TPP, or are they just playing to the gallery, bowing to popular pressure at that point in time, talking about the proxy conflict between China and America?

It’s convenient for Mr Tan and Mr Chee to post popular thoughts on Facebook, gathering numerous likes and comments. They just blame the government for every Singaporean misfortune anyways.

And to think Mr Tan Jee Say nearly became our president in 2011 while Mr Chee nearly got a seat in parliament in the Bukit Batok By Election in 2016. We are not saying that the current government is perfect yah, but some of our oppositions are just too short-sighted and do not deal with the reality out there. Can they really think big and complex pictures or not? Hopefully Singaporeans will wisen to the likes of Tan Jee Say and Dr Chee Soon Juan  (not all opposition folks are same calibre as Mr Low Thia Khiang yah?).   

Because we all will have to live with the consequences.

Guess for now, the “cold-war relics” got their last laugh.  Tsk tsk tsk.