RSAF activated to escort bomb threat- first time since 2008

By now, you may have read the exciting news that a Singaporean uncle on a Scoot flight to Hat Yai made a fake bomb threat yesterday (5 May) and the entire plane returned with him to Singapore for security check.

And two RSAF planes were activated within minutes to escort the plane back. Just in case the bomb threat is real and anything happen. Very serious business one hor.

pic 1.PNG

The uncle has been arrested after it was confirmed a fake threat. And the rest of the passengers flew out again to their holiday to Hat Yai after wasting one whole day because this uncle chut pattern.

Mr Uncle, hope you kanna jialat jialat. Apart from ruining your own holiday also.

Since the Sept 11 attacks in 2001, everyone is on heightened alert for terror threats leh. Say this kind of thing you think very fun is it?

The last time the RSAF’s fighter jets were scrambled in response to an air threat was in January 2008, when a Cessna 208 light aircraft without an approved flight plan veered into Singapore airspace.

The Australian pilot of the light aircraft was fined S$5,000 for flying without an airworthiness certificate.

And please people, it is not just the inconvenience and waste of public resources when you do this kind of thing. Shit can get real.

Major (NS) Mark Lim who was activated in the 2008 air threat told the media that the F-16s were “ready for all types of instructions, including an order to engage”.

He said: “They were armed with heat-seeking and beyond-visual-range missiles. “In the event that we need to neutralise the threat, yes, we will do it.”

But he also stressed that the crew is not “trigger-happy” and “there are strict rules and processes to follow” like getting clearance from a higher authority.

So please hor, don’t play play can. If it is an April’s fool joke, it is not funny can. Like the kidnap scam case, can these people get a life and stop disturbing people anot.