Kidnap Scam (again)

Seems like a number of Singaporeans received this Whatsapp message on Wednesday (3 May) threatening to kidnap their daughter if they don’t transfer $500000 to a particular POSB account…. And with the horrifying threat to rape their daughter if they went to the police.


Well well well… nice try, scammer, but first, we have a few suggestions for you and your scammer friends:

First, can you brush up your English? This isn’t even Singlish for God’s sake! It actually reads some robot is on autopilot!

And by the way, it’s “$500,000” with a comma, otherwise, later people cock-eye only transfer $50,000 how?

Also, you never specify currency hor. Give you Indon Rupiah can or not? (That’s about S$50 by the way).

So anyway, we asked our parent friends who got it, most of them rolled their eyes when they got it, because they remembered actually remember that the Police always say “Keep Calm”.


Eh, this advisory has been posted and resurfaced many time since 2012, so Singaporeans must be very familiar with it by now! 

But one mama shared that her husband actually ran home to see if the daughter is safe, because the message came at a time when the little girl is supposed to take bus home. Of course it was fake lah! Of course, the father wanted to be safe than sorry, and fortunately,  he never transfer any money.

Police reports were made over this Whatsapp message, end up waste taxpayers money and police resources to hunt down the bugger.

Didn’t anyone try calling or texting back to do a Liam Neeson? We at Singapotato would have been pleased to troll the bugger!

angry liam neeson GIF-downsized_large.gif

Reality check:

  • The maximum for kidnapping is the death penalty
  • Rape carries the maximum of 20 years’ jail and 18 strokes of the cane

So will the chap really carry out the threat? Not likely.

We think that by putting a POSB savings account number there, the scammer is either epic stupid or has a grudge against the owner of the account (like you know, a Carousell deal turned sour?). We are quite sure the owner of the account already gone to la kopi with our mata friends already.

Now let’s see if they can dig out the bugger who did it.