Xiaxue’s NMP Dream vs SCDF’s ACE

People always say Singaporeans are a boring bunch. But over the April Fools’ weekend, we’ve seen some creative concepts by true blue Singaporeans.

Blogger Xiaxue has announced that she wants to be and thinks she qualifies to be a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP). Never mind that she hasn’t quite gotten some of the facts right.  Xiaxue is confident she can be your next NMP, here’s why:

  • She thinks she has rendered distinguished public service (she didn’t explain what service)
  • She believes she has brought honour to Singapore (she didn’t elaborate what honour)
  • She claims she is a community leader… because she believes she is leading the internet media (hmm, then people like Bill Gates is what huh?)

xiaxue_NMP FB

It appears that Xiaxue has done some homework about NMP though not thorough enough as she thought it’s a yearly appointment (it’s actually for a term of two and a half years). She also admitted that she is “not sure where the nomination should be sent to” and assumed that her supporters can try to do so in the comments section of her fb page, including a hashtag she created for the occasion. Xiaxue has declared that it is not an April Fools’ joke.

For someone who makes a living from having heavy traffic and visitorship at her blog/fb page, it is no surprise that Xiaxue is sparking discussion on her online platforms to garner support for her NMP dream. Not sure what her supporters would like her to advocate in Parliament though. Isit the latest brow and lip embroidery in town? The trendiest hair colour this season? Or how to stay lovey-dovey with your hubby after years of marriage? Oh, maybe she can join MPs Sun Xueling and Tin Peiling in voicing out young mummies’ concerns since she writes about her son often. Whatever it is, she has more to gain than to lose from this discussion as more people are expected to flood her online platforms to read about her political ambition. Even if she doesn’t get selected eventually, no harm will be done.


While Xiaxue’s political dream remains debatable, SCDF’s latest video on ACE – Ambulance Choir Ensemble – was more relatable and earned praises for its humour and creativity.

Perhaps inspired by Ecuador where ambulances hijack car radios to alert drivers that they are coming, SCDF came up with their own ACE system which, with a touch of a button, will override the audio system of a vehicle in front with “melodious tunes” (sang by SCDF officers it seems) to remind them to give way.


Sounds good yah?

Except that ACE is not real. It is another of SCDF’s cheeky initiative to educate the public about #GiveWayToEmergencyVehicles. Released on 31 March, the SCDF video on ACE ended with a clear message that ACE was an April Fools’ Day joke.


Whereas for Xiaxue’s NMP dream, I guess we have to decide for ourselves if it makes for an April Fools’ Day joke more or is actually a real joke in itself.

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