There is no cure for folly

On the last day of the Selection Committee hearings on Deliberate Online Falsehoods, a ridiculous situation occurred during a sibei long and intense session of the oral representation by Dr Ping Tjin Thum, a historian on the post-war history of Singapore. But it wasn’t Dr PJ Thum who did anything.

Han Hui Hui, self-professed “activist” appeared in the public gallery and sat there pretending to be all innocent, but holding a printout of a cover of a book up for the panel to see.

han-hui-hui-removed-parliament-01 (1)

First, I really don’t know she active in what to warrant her being called an activist, but this cues for me to roll my eyes. Do not. I repeat. DO NOT say she is an activist fighting for our rights. I don’t think she’s held a single job properly, then what is she fighting for CPF again? (Her account probably got nothing to draw lor, maybe only what’s left from her Edusave?)

Second, after being cray-cray on social media about how she didn’t get a chance to screech speak in front of the Select Committee, she went to disrupt Dr Thum’s session. Eh, he speaking very intensely, why you go and try to steal his airtime?

Third, this woman is a blatant liar. Eyewitness Shawn Danker said, “She began holding it up shortly after she sat down” … “On and off she went from between holding (the papers) up and (down) on her lap.” However, when she was approached by the police officers, she apparently bedek and said “No, these are just blank papers. Look, I’m just trying to write my notes here … I don’t want to miss his hearing”.

Excuse me young lady, you think this one is Lido Cinema is it? You want to watch show then guai guai sit there quietly, not chut pattern hold up, hold down the paper. Obviously you were there to disrupt the session, is it coz not happy that Dr PJ Thum got the airtime you didn’t get?

Gosh, so anyway, that book is apparently a book by Mr Shanmugam’s ex-wife lah. Hmm, so I guess HHH new tactic is to support whoever she thinks is the enemy of the enemy? I think it’s all in her mind though. I don’t think any sane academic would want to be associated with her, ex-wife or not.

Dr Thum certainly wasn’t very amused, and neither were those in the gallery.


I think maybe she better permanently switch to being her alter ego Han Hui Ying lah, since K-Pop may be less brutal than politics.

Miss Han, sometimes we also really want to dig deep inside and feel sorry for you, but when you do this kind of foolish things, a bit hard you know?